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Improve your craft! Run your business better! Download task lists and templates to keep your business running smoothly and ebooks on writing and editing. Get book recommendations and find out where to purchase Erin’s webinars.


5 Steps to Adding Persuasion to Your Website

The decisions about what your business website should say and how it should look are mind-boggling. But there’s one thing all business sites need and it doesn’t take a lot to add it: persuasion. Learn to add persuasion to your pro site in five easy steps!


The Copyeditor’s Typographic Oath

While Erin was with Copyediting, she created the Copyeditor’s Typographic Oath to guide her and fellow editors in how to best balance the needs of the author, publisher, and reader. Download this image to keep copyeditors’ “10 commandments” top of mind! Coming soon: the companion ebook!


Turning Your Editing Career into a Teaching Career

There are dozens of programs out there that provide editor training, and they all need teachers. Sharing your expertise with new editors is not only rewarding but also profitable! Erin Brenner discusses how we learn to edit, what editors need to know to become editing teachers, and the holy grail: where to find teaching positions. CA$42/CA$60. Offered by Editors Canada.

Editing for the Web Without Lowering Your Standards

People visit websites with a need, and if a site doesn’t fulfill that need, they’ll click away before you can say “See ya!” Website editors can help keep visitors reading by shaping and formatting copy to hold readers’ attention. In this session, Erin Brenner teaches you how to edit websites to keep readers interested while upholding grammar and usage rules. CA$42/CA$60. Offered by Editors Canada.

How to Edit Marketing Copy

Editors often cringe at promotional language. Do marketers have no respect for the English language? Of course they do. But marketers are charged with building trust and helping close the sale. In this webinar, you’ll learn specific tips for editing marketing copy to be error free and trustworthy. $59. Offered by the EFA.

Over the Copyeditor’s Shoulder: 5 Approaches to Copyediting

Copyediting is copyediting no matter who does it, right? Not so fast. Hear how 5 editors approach copyediting, from accepting the job to sending the invoice, 5 different ways. You’re guaranteed to pick up some tips for your own business! $79. Offered by the EFA.

Digital Marketing Strategy Worksheet

Before you post a tweet or pay for a Facebook ad, make you sure have a solid marketing strategy behind you. This worksheet will get you started.

DIY Website and Social Media Dashboards

Gather all your website, blog, and social media data in one place. Identify patterns and opportunities to meet your business goals!

Web Editing Checklist

Download this free PDF checklist to ensure your writing is ready for the web!

Web Editing Resources

Raise the professionalism of your client’s website with web editing. Download this free PDF of resources for web editors.

E-books for Writers & Editors

These quick e-books will help you write better, edit better, work smarter, and publish more successfully. What are you waiting for?

Business Tools

There are so many little details to running a business. What did you do yesterday? And what should you do today? Get all kinds of tips and goodies to run your business better.

Resources for the Marketing Editor

Become a marketing editor! In this section, you’ll find a glossary, a downloadable reference list, and information on further training.

Style Sheet

Download this free template to create a style sheet for your next project!

CMS and AP Stylebook Cheat Sheet.

Do you have trouble remembering which style uses the Oxford comma? Find out!

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